October 20, 2007

Federalization or soft partition is not only already in the Iraq constitution but Iraqis are already doing it themselves by leaving the country, building their own walls and ethnic cleansing.

UNFORTUNATELY Joe Biden also helped create the problem that now exists for us by trusting and supporting BW Bush’s use of military force in Iraq.

In defense of Biden :

1. He was trusting and supporting the President in a time of national crisis and before it became apparant that GW Bush was not to be trusted.

2. He assumed that GW Bush would show good judgement in exercising the power given to him. He apparently did not realize the extent to which GW Bush was controled by the Neocons whose agenda was to establish the USA as the world’s undisputed superpower in the 21st century (See PNAC)



  1. opit said

    Help ! I can see your determination to push this agenda. One overriding question remains : the Kurds. Who sits on them. Assyrian International has reported their genocide for over a year now – without people showing any signs of consciousness. Now Turkey is being painted with the old ‘genocide’ tag by the state that has done more of that in recent history than anyone. This while they try to hold the U.S. accountable for promises made before the invasion.
    It isn’t as if Iraqis approve this ‘plan’ BTW. Hasn’t the U.S. done enough interfering with the destiny of the unfortunates in the oil-bearing regions for your satisfaction yet ?

  2. gasdocpol said

    Indeed we HAVE done too much interfering in the Mideast. HOWEVER if we don’t do something to improve the situation , the damage caused by our idiotic invasion of Iraq will be even greater.

    Yes, Turkey is one of the problems that needs to be dealt with.

  3. opit said

    Still ‘owning’ the situation : which is not practical.
    Why would you set the unrepentant perpetrators of an ill to cure it – especially looking at their marvelous record to date ? All I see is the greatest war profits scam ever going full bore.
    You have young ignorant men – many ex-gang members by this time – going into a situation where you send them into a shooting gallery, unable to speak the language and unfamiliar with culture, terrain, conditions, religion… everything under the sun.
    They are going to assist in ‘fixing’ a situation exacerbated by mercenaries who outnumber them.
    Believing in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus all together would be a small bit of faith compared to trusting in that scenario.

  4. gasdocpol said

    If they cannot get along living together, why not help them separate themselves.

    The Iraqis have 2 choices. They can work together or they can work separately. If they want to stay together they need to figure out how to make a go of it.

    If they cannot work together they need to go their own separate ways.

    Is there some third way that I have not thought about?

  5. opit said

    Just the one you are blind and deaf to.
    The U.S. continues to make a difficult situation intolerable. Until you realize that talk of U.S. responsibility and duty is farcial — not that the specifics of what is happening are clear back in the U.S. — and that the Administration is embarked on a savage plan of destruction similar to clearing the Indians out of land so settlers would come back in the Wild West–you will continue to ‘piss against the wind’.

  6. Amelia said

    Thanks for your comment on Vintage Typewriter! I love hearing about people of all ages, races, and backgrounds united for Obama. It’s incredibly empowering, I think, for all Americans.


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