October 1, 2007

Babylonian Society
Soft Partition, Confederation, Federation… different names: one hope for IRAQ The politicians who need to learn how to read!
Sep 30th, 2007 by babylonians

Babylonian Society

September 30, 2007

Iraqi politicians are going crazy! The Senate wants to divide Iraq! EXCUSE ME! Did those politicians read the Biden-Brownback-Boxer amendment? Did they even read the Iraqi constitution? Iraq’s biggest tragedy is its politicians’ refusal to deal with reality. 86 years of tragedies… we demand change and Iraq old-style is not working anymore.

In recent op-ed, Sarmad Aqrawi says: “I just can’t understand why people went crazy over the Biden amendment? It’s already in the Iraqi constitution!” He adds: “Supporters of federalism among Shiites and Kurds are attacked for no reason whatsoever.” Aqrawi translated Senator Biden’s call to support his amendment and challenged all Iraqis to find something that would suggest breaking Iraqi laws in the Biden amendment. Here’s the piece translated into Arabic by Aqrawi:

“I urge Congress to pass the Biden-Brownback-Boxer amendment to create a federal system in Iraq, as their Constitution provides, that gives each region of the country control over the daily lives of its citizens, and securing the support of the United Nations and Iraq’s neighbors for this plan.”

Said al-Faham, a Shiite writer says in another op-ed: “I consider Mr. Biden a man who really loves Iraq!” He criticizes the crazy campaign against the Biden amendment saying that: “we think with our hearts refusing to deal with reality. Iraq is a fake state since the day it was born and it’s already divided!”

Al-Faham adds: “we should support Mr. Biden’s plan. This is our last chance and we should not waste it.”

Adnan al-Babili, an Iraqi writer, says in a recent article titled “There’s nothing wrong with partition”: “the Senate’s decision to support federalism in Iraq reflects a realistic approach to the Iraqi conflict. What keeps Iraq united is in fact the American existence.”

It’s time for a new Iraq and nothing will take us back to the old days of persecution. If you don’t like Biden’s proposal, what’s your idea.

There’s that Chinese proverb: It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Please, people stop cursing the darkness and try to light a candle… try to bring hope to the hopeless condition in Iraq like what the Biden-Brownback-Boxer amendment offers and if you can’t light a candle, if you don’t have a idea to stop the killings and suffer Iraqis live with everyday, please shut up!


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